My Addiction to Cereal


I say I’m addicted to a lot of things and this is another one of those things. I know cereal isn’t that good for you, but I just can’t get enough of this waffle crunch. I actually just finished a bowl of it, if you haven’t tried this cereal yet I suggest you do just BE CAREFUL. I mean look at how that monkey loves it. 🙂 What’s your favorite cereal? ❤


I’m a Tea-Aholic


My name is QueenFaith and I am a Tea-Aholic. OK so many of you already know that I like tea, but liking tea and being an addict are two different things. Here are 5 ways you know you’re a Tea-Aholic ↓

1) Your tea stash looks like that ↑
2) You drink at least 2 cups a day
3) When everyone else gets coffee you get tea
4) You catch yourself say things like → “All I need is a cuppa tea. ”
5) You follow this blog 🙂

Love at First Sight


“For me and my wife, it was love at first sight,” – Jeff Bridges. Dr. Earl Naumann, author of “Love at First Sight”, surveyed 1,500 people from all across America and came to the conclusion that love at first sight is not a rare experience. Also, Dr. Naumann theorizes that if you believe in love at first sight there’s roughly a 60 percent chance it will happen to you. Here’s what led him to make that theory:

* Nearly two thirds of the population believe in love at first sight
* Of the believers , more than half have experienced it
* Fifty-five percent of those who experienced it married the object of their affection.
* Three quarters of these married couples stayed married.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

All these facts came from .