Taking A Break!


Hey guys, I start school this Thursday and I’ve been really busy getting ready. So, I was thinking maybe I should take a break from posting just until I get use to this new schedule. This will be the last post for about 2 weeks, until then so long my friends. 😦 I will see you very soon. 🙂 ❤


5 Things To Do Whilst On Break


Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr day and most students got the day off of school. I took full advantage of this short but well deserved break by sleeping unintentionally until 12:30 pm. I’m not usually able to sleep for such a long period of time, but today I feel fully rested and ready to finish up the week. So, I’m gonna share with you guys 5 things to do your break. ↓

•Sleep all day (this isn’t very productive, but you’ll feel good after)
•Watch a movie or television show marathon (again not very productive, but you’ll feel like a couch potato)
•Get ahead (study, do homework, catch up or get ahead on work)
•Eat food (everyone loves eating)
•Workout (you’ll need to work that ↑ off)

Bonus thing to do:
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