My Addiction to Cereal


I say I’m addicted to a lot of things and this is another one of those things. I know cereal isn’t that good for you, but I just can’t get enough of this waffle crunch. I actually just finished a bowl of it, if you haven’t tried this cereal yet I suggest you do just BE CAREFUL. I mean look at how that monkey loves it. 🙂 What’s your favorite cereal? ❤


I Don’t Care, I Love It!!!!


Technically, I’m not supposed to eat any type of nuts because they’re hard on my stomach. But I had some Nutella the other day and I’m hooked. I mean who doesn’t love Nutella. It’s a mixture of chocolate and hazelnutty goodness. So I’m here to tell you guys I have a new addiction. Flappy Bird and Nutella, give me those and I’ll be good for life. What’s your addiction? 🙂