R.I.P. Maya Angelou


Yesterday, May 28th 2014, the world lost an author, a poet, an actress, a film director, should I keep going or not. I don’t have many words to say about this beautiful legendary women, but she certainly has left us with many words she’s shared over the years. Check out this post on Mashable.com about Maya Angelou and read some of her quotes that are full of wisdom. ❤ (I wanted to use “wisdomic” but it’s apparently not a word.)

P.S. This will also count for my Factual Friday,even though it’s Thursday. 🙂


I’m sick!!!! :-(


Hey guys, I’m sorry to say that I have gotten sick. The weather is a bit crazy around here so it was only a matter of time I guess. Anyway, I am gonna take a break from posting. I’ll probably be back for Thirsty Thursday or Factual Friday. Happy last day of December ! 🙂

A couple weeks

Hey guys, Thanks so much for the follow. I won’t be posting anything until about the 26th just to get a couple of ideas for the blog to make it better before I go back to school. Hang with me guys. Again, thank you so much for following me. See you very soon. 🙂