Top 10 Soft Drinks in the USA


Hey guys since almost everyone in America drinks sodas. I decided to see which soft drink us American’s love the most. ↓

10. Diet Dr. Pepper – I’m not a big fan of Dr. Pepper but a lot of the people I know LOVE it
9. Fanta – This soft drink is pretty cool, not my favorite but it’s good
8. Diet Mountain Dew – I like Mountain Dew I’ve never tried the diet version but I’m guessing they taste the same
7. Diet Pepsi – I’m not a huge fan of Pepsi but I’ve a couple of my friends like it ( I’m making it sound like I actually have friends lol 😦    )
6. Sprite – I LOVE Sprite!
5. Dr. Pepper – Like I said above not a big fan but I don’t hate
4. Mountain Dew – I like Mountain Dew but not as much as Sprite
3.  Pepsi – It’s cool
2. Diet Coke – I have never tried Diet Coke but again I’m guessing it tastes like Coke
1. Coca Cola – We all know Americans love a bottle of Coke when things get tough

What’s your favorite soft drink? 🙂


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