The Effects of: Coffee


I know how much you love your coffee, but I have to tell you the truth. I’m friends with some religious coffee drinkers and they hate it when I tell them to cut back on the Joe. Most people who drink coffee can’t go a day without it and when they do miss they’re daily dosage you’ll be able to tell. I’m here to tell you guys 3 reasons you should cut the coffee. ↓

• It’s addictive – obviously you don’t want to be an addict to anything because there will be a day you’ll have to go without it
• It may lead to Adrenal Fatigue – which is a term used to say exhaustion is caused by a poorly working adrenal gland
• It causes mood swings – caffeine affects the central nervous system which causes your mood to change

Check out Stephen Cherniske’s book Caffeine Blues, in it he says “Imagine you lived in a country that was always under threat of attack. No matter where you went, there was a perpetual state of alert. Not only that, but your defenses were constantly being depleted and weakened. Does that sound stressful? Caffeine produces the same effect on your body, like fighting a war on multiple fronts at the same time.”

Learn more at http:// 🙂

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