The Benefits of: Cerasee Tea


While I was out shopping with my mother, I came across a box of tea that looked mighty interesting and being the tea lover I am I just had to buy it. When I got home I did some research on my newly discovered tea and realized the extraordinary benefits this tea has. So you probably know what’s coming up next, I’m going to share with you some of the benefits of Cerasee tea. ↓

• Treats parasitic worms
• Blood & body cleanser
• Relieves constipation, fever & colds in children
• Decreases menstrual cramps
• Treats urinary tract infections
• When consumed by pregnant woman it purifies the baby’s skin
• Overall cleans out the body

I might have forgot to mention that this tea is extremely bitter, but you get use to it after a while. And with all the benefits it has I’m sure we won’t mind it being a little bitter. 🙂


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