Carrot Ginger Zinger


A few weeks ago I did a Thirsty Thursday post called Apple Ginger Zinger. Well this week, I’ve got a Carrot Ginger Zinger for you guys. ↓

4 small carrots (2 large)
2 medium apples
1 in. piece ginger

Cut your apples into 4s and cut the tops and bottoms of your carrots. Peel ginger. Add the ingredients into your juicer on at a time. Enjoy! 🙂


When Family Comes to Stay


Yayy!!!!! My grandmother came here from England yesterday and since most of Middle Georgia is out of school today (because of the weather) I get to spend the whole day at home with the fam. This post isn’t going to be long because I’m way too excited. So, I want to know what you guys do with your familia when they come to visit. Happy Tuesday the 28th ! 🙂

Best Young Adult Fiction of 2013


GoodReads nominated Eleanor & Park  written by Rainbow Rowell Best Young Adult fiction Book of 2013. Personally, I’ve never read this book, but by what I’ve heard I might just give it a try (after I finish the Divergent series, of course). Runnerup would be Fangirl also written by Rainbow Rowell, which I’ve never heard of. I don’t actually know which book I would nominate Best YA Book of 2013. What was your favorite book of 2013? 🙂

Wait! It’s Thursday?!?!


Hey guys, I attempted to write a post about tomato juice, but I’m too lazy for that. So, instead I put together a great collage for you guys ↑. Tell me what you know about tomato juice? 🙂

5 Things To Do Whilst On Break


Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr day and most students got the day off of school. I took full advantage of this short but well deserved break by sleeping unintentionally until 12:30 pm. I’m not usually able to sleep for such a long period of time, but today I feel fully rested and ready to finish up the week. So, I’m gonna share with you guys 5 things to do your break. ↓

•Sleep all day (this isn’t very productive, but you’ll feel good after)
•Watch a movie or television show marathon (again not very productive, but you’ll feel like a couch potato)
•Get ahead (study, do homework, catch up or get ahead on work)
•Eat food (everyone loves eating)
•Workout (you’ll need to work that ↑ off)

Bonus thing to do:
Follow my blog 🙂

My Picture Into Chalkboard Experice – Part 2


Hey guys, this is the last week of ‘My Chalkboard Experience’ hopefully there will be a lot more ‘My Experiences’ to come. I really enjoy doing these kind of posts so I hope it goes well and you guys like it.

Day 2:
My mom and I painted our chalkboard paint onto the picture frames and let the first coat dry for a day. (I would recommend using chalkboard spray paint, but we couldn’t get our hands on any so we made do.)

Day 3:
Last day, we applied the last coat of chalkboard paint onto our frames and let them dry.

Wish I could’ve showed you guys a picture of the final product I couldn’t find the chalkboards. I will be putting one up though, so check back for a picture. Thanks for the support guys! 🙂

The Benefits of: Cerasee Tea


While I was out shopping with my mother, I came across a box of tea that looked mighty interesting and being the tea lover I am I just had to buy it. When I got home I did some research on my newly discovered tea and realized the extraordinary benefits this tea has. So you probably know what’s coming up next, I’m going to share with you some of the benefits of Cerasee tea. ↓

• Treats parasitic worms
• Blood & body cleanser
• Relieves constipation, fever & colds in children
• Decreases menstrual cramps
• Treats urinary tract infections
• When consumed by pregnant woman it purifies the baby’s skin
• Overall cleans out the body

I might have forgot to mention that this tea is extremely bitter, but you get use to it after a while. And with all the benefits it has I’m sure we won’t mind it being a little bitter. 🙂

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