DIY: Mirror into Chalkboard


We all like a good old-fashioned chalkboard to remind us of the things we’d otherwise forget. So why don’t we make a chalkboard out of a mirror (or picture frame) that’s good, but not so old-fashioned.

This project requires:

*Mirror or picture frame
*Spray Paint Primer
*Chalkboard Spray Paint
*Paint (if you want to paint the frame of your mirror)
*Masking Tape

Spray primer onto your mirror and frame. If you don’t want to paint your frame just apply primer to mirror. Let dry. Paint your frame any color you like. You can masking tape to off the frame, so you won’t get paint on it. Start painting your chalkboard paint onto the mirror. Paint about 3 coats onto your mirror making sure it’s dried completely in between each coat. Let the chalkboard paint cure overnight. When done: remove tape, take a piece of chalk and rub it all over your chalkboard surface then erase it with a dry cloth. Enjoy!

Where are you gonna hang your chalkboard? 🙂

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