Social Media:Favorites


61% of teens say that Tumblr is their favorite social media site, 55% say Facebook is, 22% say Twitter is, 21% say Instagram is, and 13% say Snapchat is their favorite. Personally, my absolute fav social media site would have to be Instagram, I just love the fact that you get to share with people the best moments in your life through photos (a pictures worth a thousand words). Twitter would have to come next, the thing I like about Twitter is that users only have 140 characters to use when creating a post, so they don’t have the chance to write long memoirs and autobiographies. Next comes Tumblr, which is full of hilarious GIFs (graphics interchange format), creative photos and art. Lastly, Facebook I’m not a big fan of Fb because I find hard to keep up with and I’m not one for drama. “You are what you share” -Charles Leadbeater. What’s your favorite social media site? 🙂

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