Teen Suicide


Fact: The annual number of youth suicides each year (ages 10-24) is 4,600. Yes, four thousand and six hundred teens/young adults die each year from suicide; 45% of them include a firearm, 40% include suffocation, and 8% include poisoning. Why are these numbers so high? 1) Bullying is at its heights these days #stopbullying . 2) Teen stress levels are also through the roof (juggling school, work, and a social life isn’t easy). 3) Everything might not be functional at home (family issues). How can we lower these numbers? 1) If you’re a parent try to get involved, know your child and what they’re going through. 2) If you’re the friend of someone considering suicide, be there for them, check on them throughout the day and keep there spirits up. 4) If you are the person considering suicide, don’t do it! You are thinking in the moment and of yourself, not of the people you would leave behind (we need you HERE). So my friends, go out there and save a few lives (the world will thank you)! 🙂


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