Farmers’ Markets


While leaving my local farmers market, I was curious to find out how many other people experience the joy of buying locally. The number of people that shop at farmers markets has grown rapidly. Why? Here’s why. ↓

1) Fresher Produce – Instead of having your fruit & veg grown in Mexico (or wherever), shipped over to America, and then driven miles to a supermarket. Your produce is locally grown and fresher than ever, ready for you & your family to indulge in.

2) Saving the Environment – Those trucks that have to take your fruit & veggies to the store aren’t Hybrids, every trip they make they’re putting pollution in the air we continuously breathe. When you buy your produce locally the only trip the farmers have to make is the one to the market (and they might be driving a Hybrid).

3) Supporting Local Farmers – Lastly, when you buy from your local farmers it helps them to keep their farm running (which is one thing we want them to do). Happy shopping! 🙂



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