Celebrities First Jobs


Since I’m considering getting a job I just had to find out what some of our celebrities’ first jobs were. Prior to finding them out I was left shocked (with a hint of laughter).

Brad Pitt- danced in a chicken suit in front of el Pollo Locco restaurant to promote their chicken (LOL)
Madonna- worked at Dunkin Donuts (I might have to apply there)
Rod Stewart- was a gravedigger :-O
Cory Monteith- was a Walmart greeter (R.I.P Cory)
Eva Mendes- sold hotdogs at a mall
Amy Adams- worked at a Hooters
Kanye West- worked at the Gap

I think that’s enough examples to get you all to realize that not all stars are born stars. So I guess I’ll see you all in Dunkin Donuts. 🙂


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