Pineapple-Banana Smoothie

I’m not very fond of pineapples, but after this tasting this smoothie I’ve found a tiny place in my heart for them. So here is a smoothie that will have you feeling like you’re sitting under a coconut tree in Jamaica (hopefully you won’t get knocked out by a falling coconut).

1/2 fresh pineapple (you can add more if you’re a pineapple junkie)
1 tsp. ground ginger (fresh is just as good)
1 banana
1 apple (peeled)
2 1/2 cup apple juice
1/4 cup honey

Toss ingredients in blender. Blend. Enjoy! 🙂


Video Games of 2013


The year is sadly coming to a close  and since it is I have decided to take a look back on all the popular video games released this fabulous year of 2013.

1. Grand Theft Auto V – an action/adventure video game played from a third-person perspective in an open world enviorment ( people all over the country have been going mad over this game since it was released on Sept. 17th)
2. Batman Arkham Origins- You know its about Batman ( I’ve heard good things about this game I guess I’ll have try it out)
3. Beyond: Two Souls – an interactive drama action/adventure game ( I haven’t heard of this game until now and it looks like I won’t be playing it, I don’t need any additional drama)

Those are our top 3 video games sold this year. Personally, my fav game of the year would have to be Lego Marvel Super Heroes. What’s your favorite video game of 2013? 🙂

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Since today is my older brother’s birthday, I have decided to do a post in his favor. My brother’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, so out of curiosity I found out more about his sign. Here’s 3 things about Scorpios you outta know:

•Scorpios are determined to learn about others. They love to probe and get to the bottom of things.

•Scorpios are are extremely stubborn. Much like the Scorpion which would rather kill itself, than be killed.

•Scorpios have determination, passion and motivation. There’s no stopping them.

All of these facts describe my brother to a tee. HAPPY B-DAY BRO!! 🙂

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

I got another one for all my chocolate lovers! This chocolatey heaven is a mixture of white and milk chocolate; it holds within it the key to pure satisfaction.

1/2 cup white chocolate (melted)
1/2 cup milk or dark chocolate (melted)
2 scoops vanilla ice cream ( I didn’t put ice cream in mine because I was out of stock)
1 cup milk
1 banana
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Toss all ingredients into blender. Blend. Enjoy! 🙂

Social Media:Favorites


61% of teens say that Tumblr is their favorite social media site, 55% say Facebook is, 22% say Twitter is, 21% say Instagram is, and 13% say Snapchat is their favorite. Personally, my absolute fav social media site would have to be Instagram, I just love the fact that you get to share with people the best moments in your life through photos (a pictures worth a thousand words). Twitter would have to come next, the thing I like about Twitter is that users only have 140 characters to use when creating a post, so they don’t have the chance to write long memoirs and autobiographies. Next comes Tumblr, which is full of hilarious GIFs (graphics interchange format), creative photos and art. Lastly, Facebook I’m not a big fan of Fb because I find hard to keep up with and I’m not one for drama. “You are what you share” -Charles Leadbeater. What’s your favorite social media site? 🙂

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What’s In Your Fridge?


Whatever is in your refrigerator can tell a lot about you. In my refrigerator, you will always seem to find salsa and tortillas no matter what.  So my friends, I would like to know what is ALWAYS in your refrigerator. Is it chesse, milk, bread, soup, artichokes, peppers, eggs, watermelon? You tell me. 🙂 

Drinks Around The World


Let’s take a trip around the world, and while we’re traveling we’ll have a drink each stop. Here is a list of some of the drinks we will enjoy on our travels.
Country:                                                                    Drink:
India                                                                           Masala chai tea- black tea mixed with Indian spices
Ethiopia                                                                     Coffee
Ireland                                                                        Miwadi- a flavored water beverage
Brazil                                                                          Cajuína- a drink made with blended cashew apples

That’s the end of our journey this week, we shall resume whenever I can afford plane tickets for all of you all again. 🙂

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