Be Confident !


Being confident in what you wear and looking like you know what your doing can help you out in your work place quite a bit. did a test where researchers tested a group of volunteers on their brainpower with something called a Stroop Test. Now, the only difference between them was that half of them were dressed in lab coats when they took the test. The results? The ones wearing lab coats only made half the mistakes than the ones not wearing them. To make sure this wasn’t some type of coincidence, they made another test, and the volunteers were had to find the differences between similar pictures. Some of the volunteers were wearing lab coats and the others were told they were wearing painters’ coats. Once again, they found those wearing lab coats scored significantly higher than those told they were wearing painters’ coats. Well, I guess the point of this is to trick yourself into thinking your smart by wearing smart clothes all the time. Just kidding, but I would say that this is true if you dress like your a genius, your gonna be a genius. And for the most part, BE CONFIDENT! 🙂


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